Nemes Laszlo

My way to the Local Kombat gala was pretty easy. One of the guys fighting in game 7 wanted some action photos of him, and his girlfriend happened to be one of the BC Mures dancers. She asked me if i could go, and since i’m trying to develop my skills as a sports photographer, i accepted in a jiffy. The event was a success, and it managed to gather over 1,000 people at the City Arena, which is a lot for a sport with such a small popularity. The tickets had a reasonable price for a tournament which lasted over 3 hours, about 4 times the price you’d pay to see a basketball game. Our guy got the easy win KO-ing his opponent in the first round, but most of the fights were pretty tight! Her girl wanted to surprise him with a print, and this image seemed to make more sense then any out of the rest of the 60 shots i was able to shoot.

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