About me

Hello, and welcome to my photoblog. I’m a 24 25 26 27 28 36 39 year old dude from Romania and photography is something that i experience to get off the daily routine. I guess i’ve always liked taking shots, ever since i was playing with my dad’s old Smena 8 camera. Last year i decided to get more into it, so i firstly got the s5600 finepix from FujiFilm – that i still consider a great bridge camera with an awesome sensor – then moved to the Canon EOS 350D.

My current equipment contains:
Several Canon bodies, different prime lenses, flashes, radio transmiters and basiclaly anything i need to shoot basically any type of events. I also got a Fujifilm x100s camera recently and it’s the main reason why i decided to bring this thing back to life. Make sure you visit my flickr album as well. I don’t have the same photos on both sites, so you might see something nice there too. Well, that’s about it, thank you for the visit, i hope you enjoy my images. Feel free to drop me a comment, i’d appreciate it!

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