A forgoten soldier’s tomb

So i’m back with another entry. I love this software so much in spite of being so poor and outdated. I had to move it on a dedicated subdomain because it doesn’t support newer php versions..
So anyway, how’s everyone doing? Are you washing your hands regulary? Are you staying at home? Good. So am i. I do, however, go for a run every once in a while. Yesterday i made a bit of jogging on the hills near my town. Nearly 80 years ago in full WWII, these places were swarming with troops. On one hand there were the armies of the axis (German and Hungarian), on the other hand there were the armies of the allies (Romanian and Russian). This tomb belongs to a German soldier who lost his life in battle. I barely noticed it because it wasn’t on my way but once i realized what it was it stunned me.

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